Desert Storm


Oldenburg / Chicago 1991

Steel cartridge box, 30 x 15,5 x 19 cm
gas mask, walkman with earphones audio cassette with AFN gulf war covering, TV- screenshots of news shows, pocket mirror,
text: internet research of index entries about gulf war and gas attacks in the library of the university of Oldenburg

Spent one night in front of the TV, equipped with 2 additional radiosets, tuned in to AFN (American Forces Network) and a german station. TV- channel hopping from german to dutch to british stations and CNN.
It was 1.00 am central european time when the war began. I was in bed listening to the radio. I could not sleep because I felt that there was something in the air. (And it really was!) When the first news of the desert storm came in, I got up and started that media firework at my studio. Yesterday the image- and sound machines kept running all day long with their bombardement of data, facts, news, opinions, statements, interviews from the loudspeakers and flickering politician faces, journalist, soldiers, planes, missiles, maps... from the screen. I was listening and looking in a kind of agony, not able to think, not knowing what to feel. My emotions where a contradictionary mixture of horror, fear, enthusiasm, despair, triumph, terror. The war was in my head.
At midnight I cut all the lines. Now gradually peace is coming back to my mind. I am totally aware of the fact that the real war is still going on and that it is awfull and dangerous. I will listen to the news. But I don't let them kill my conciousness by electronic attack anymore.

Oldenburg, Friday January 18th 1991
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